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Personal Independence Payment - PIP and Other Help - I get PIP, what else can I get?

Other help you can get when you're getting Personal Independence Payment.

I get PIP, what else can I get?

If you or your partner get any Personal Independence Payment (PIP), you could get the extra benefits and other help listed on this page.

Disability Premium 

Premiums are extra amounts included in some benefits if you fit the criteria. The disability premium is an extra £36.20 per week for single people and £51.60 per week for couples.

If you or your partner is getting PIP, you can get a disability premium included in your Income Support, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance or Housing Benefit.

If you are already getting full Housing Benefit, you will not get any more even if you qualify for a premium.

There is no disability premium paid within Universal Credit.

Working Tax Credit Disabled Worker element 

If you get PIP, work 16 hours per week and you count as being at a disadvantage in getting a job, you can get an extra amount included in your Working Tax Credit worth up to £3,345 per year.

Exemption from the Benefit Cap 

The Benefit Cap limits the amount of some benefits that families can get even if their entitlement would have been more. If you, your partner or your child who lives with you gets PIP, you are exempt from the cap. 

Disabled person’s Railcard

A Disabled Person's Railcard gives you one-third off the cost of most train journeys. If you get PIP, you can buy one by contacting National Rail:

You can collect a printed form from National Rail stations and return it by post to National Rail.

Updated: April 2022

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