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Universal Credit Advance - How much Universal Credit Advance will I get?

When you first make a claim for Universal Credit you will have to wait around five weeks for your first payment. If you face financial hardship during this period of time you can request an Advance Payment of Universal Credit. The Advance Payment is a loan which you have to pay back from your Universal Credit payments a bit at a time. You don’t pay any interest on a Universal Credit Advance Payment.

How much Universal Credit Advance will I get?

The amount of this can be up to 100% of your estimated entitlement to Universal Credit.  However, you will have to pay this amount back through deductions from your future payments of Universal Credit.

You will have to tell the DWP how much money you need and what you need it for.  You should provide  a breakdown of how much you need for essential items such as rent,  bills, and food.  The DWP will then decide how much advance payment they can give you. 

You will normally receive the advance within five days of requesting it, but if the DWP agree your situation is urgent payment can be made quicker (even on the same day in some cases).

How do I repay a Universal Credit Advance?

Repayments are made by making deductions directly from your monthly Universal Credit award lasting a period of up to 12 months. You can ask for the repayments of the advance to be delayed for up to 3 months if you cannot afford it. This is only allowed in exceptional circumstances. 
The Universal Credit helpline adviser assesses whether you can afford to repay the advance. If they agree to the advance, they will tell you over the phone:

  • how much you can have

  • the monthly repayment amounts

  • when the first repayment is due.


Updated May 2019

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