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Caudwell Children was founded in March 2000 and has since supported over 20,000 children and families. We are widely regarded as one of the fastest growing children’s charities and have been recognised as the second largest voluntary provider of specialist equipment in the UK.

Our vision is a world where all sick and disabled children’s needs, however complex, are met throughout childhood. We are passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of families, tackling deprivation that begins at birth, and providing opportunities for disabled children and their families to make informed choices and reach their full potential.

As with most charities, Caudwell Children is dependent on the generosity of individual donors and corporate support. What makes Caudwell Children special is that the Caudwell family has pledged to fund the charity’s annual administration and management costs for the foreseeable future. This means that 100% of direct donations is used to help the children and families we support.

How does Caudwell Children help?

Our mission is to transform the lives of children and their families, enabling them to challenge the barriers they face throughout childhood. There are currently 800,000 disabled children living in the UK, with which it is thought that families with a disabled child need five pieces of equipment to provide basic care.

The charity's Seven Core Services which help to support children and families are:

  • Family Services: Family Support services and short break activities at time of crisis
  • Equipment Services: Mobility equipment; powered wheelchairs, specialised buggies and rain covers, specialised car seats and harnesses, therapy tricycles and Caudwell Children sensory packs
  • Treatment Services: Access to life-saving surgeries and treatments
  • STEP Programme: Life changing therapy and support programme for children with brain injuries and disorders
  • ACT Programme: Holistic therapies and support programme for autistic children
  • Enable Sport: Sports equipment to enable talented athletes to participate in competitive sport
  • Destination Dreams: Fully supported family holiday for children fighting life threatening illnesses

Who does Caudwell Children help?

  • The child must be between 0–18 years (3-18 years for Destination Dreams)

  • The child must have a chronic illness or disability

  • The child must live in the UK

  • The household income/salary (not including benefits) must be below £45,000 gross per annum.

How to apply to Caudwell Children

Caudwell Children operates an agreed application policy designed to support the most disadvantaged children and families.

An application form can be sent through the post or completed online through the Caudwell Children website.

The charity will then supply supporting documentation by post. Most applications can be processed in 4 – 6 weeks but this period can be longer if all documents are not initially provided.

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