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Family Fund

Find out more about the UK charity which gives grants to families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people

Child helped by Family FundFamily Fund is the UK’s largest charity providing grants for families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people. 

Last year, we provided 89,423 grants or services worth over £36 million to families across the UK. We aim to give all families raising disabled and seriously ill children and young people the same opportunities as others by providing grants for essential items, such as washing machines, sensory toys, family breaks, bedding, clothing and computers.

Who do we help?

Families across the UK who are raising a disabled or seriously ill child or young person aged 17 or under (please note the way we help families in Wales has changed). Take a look at our disability criteria for more information.

Families are eligible for one of the following: Universal Credit, Child Tax Credit, Working Tax Credit, Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance, Income Support, Incapacity Benefit, Employment and Support Allowance, Housing Benefit and Pension Credit. If you do not receive any of the above, you can still apply, but we will need some extra information about your household income.

How we help


We will look at any grant request that relates to the needs of a disabled or seriously ill child, young person and their family. This might be furniture, clothing, bedding, sensory toys, computers or tablets, a family break, or maybe something to help with college for 16 and 17 year-olds.

To find out more about how we have helped families across the UK, join the conversation on our Family Fund Facebook page.

Tired Out

Our Family Fund sleep hub, Tired Out, offers advice and support on sleep issues, and our Digital Skills programme helps families get the most out of their digital devices through one-to-one and group training.

Family Fund blog

Our Family Fund blog gives our families a platform to share their views and discuss current issues that matter the most to them.

How to apply

If you’re applying for the first time

You’ll need to download an application form or you can ask for one to be sent to you. To check if you're eligible to apply, you can review our eligibility criteria, including income, and our disability criteria.

If you’ve applied before

You may be able to apply online.

The application form and brochure contain all the information about how to fill in the form and what documents (photocopies only please) you need to include.

We accept one application per household, so if you are making an application on behalf of more than one child, please complete an additional child form for each child you are applying for.

Please note: we can only help families once every 12 months.

See the Grants section of the Family Fund website for more information and to download the form

Read the Turn2us Grants Search profile for the Family Fund

4 Alpha Court
Monks Cross Drive
York YO32 9WN

Telephone: 01904 550055

Comments from families helped by the Family Fund


“Sean has always loved Casper, he would push his head in the pushchair and Sean would stroke his nose. As we pull into the farm Sean gets so excited, if Casper stops when they are riding Sean will shout ‘Go Again, Go Again!’”

Find out more about Sean


“Bethany absolutely loves being in the Lazy Spa. We’re using it to do a lot of her therapies, it really helps to loosen her limbs up.”

Find more more about Bethany


Date of publication: 1 March 2017