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Rainy Day Trust

Find out how this charity helps people who have worked in DIY, hardware, housewares, pottery and glass, builders’ merchants, garden, brushware or related industries

Rainy Day Trust website

The Rainy Day Trust has been helping vulnerable people from the home improvement and enhancement industries since 1843. In that time, there have been a couple of name changes, but the ethos and sentiment have remained the same – help those who are struggling and do it with compassion and understanding.


Our helpline is open five days a week from 9am to 5pm – call 0203 192 0486.

We can help with a wide range of needs.

Our grants

When things go wrong, they can go wrong very quickly.  When something like a washing machine breaks down, the cost of a new one can be out of reach.  Repairing a leaking roof or a broken down car is simply unaffordable for many. That’s why we offer grants to help people through difficult times. We assess each applicant individually, and tailor our help to that person’s needs. The service is completely confidential.

If you need support and have worked in DIY, hardware, housewares, pottery and glass, builders’ merchants, garden, brushware or related industries for a period of three years and have less than £10,000 in savings, get in touch with us. 

The help we offer might include:

  • Regular monthly payments straight to your bank account of up to £100

  • One off grants for those crucial things in life like beds or washing machines

  • House repairs

  • Care home top-up fees

  • Training and education grants to help you find a new job

  • Travel expenses.

Additional programmes

We also offer a number of additional programmes, because as we’ve always said “Who knows what tomorrow may bring?”

These include:

  • A fuel poverty package that not only helps with bills but makes your heating more efficient

  • Free one-hour legal advice session

  • Free telephone-based counselling

  • A full welfare benefits check to see if you are missing out on benefits

  • Support for apprentices during their training

  • e-learning packages

For more details, please see the Rainy Day Trust website

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People We’ve Helped


When Margaret found out her insurance wouldn’t cover the extensive smoke damage from a hob accident, her 19 years of working in garden products manufacturing meant we could step in. We were able to award her a grant to cover the cost of re-decorating her kitchen.


Doris’s late husband ran a hardware store for 30 years, which meant we could be there in her time of need. We gave her a grant to replace her draughty old windows in time for the winter..


Having to care full time for his wife when she fell ill, life and finances were getting tougher by the day. Fortunately, Neil had worked for nine years at a housewares retailer, so we could help with growing debts and provide grants to support the family.


Recovering from illness and being reintroduced to work through a phased program meant money was getting tight. We provided a grant to support Kevin during these difficult times so he could concentrate on what mattered – his health and wellbeing.