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Register for the Grants Search

If your charity/organisation provides direct financial support to individuals in financial need, please register to appear on our Grants Search.

Please note: We can only list charities in the UK or the Republic of Ireland that give grants to individuals in need.

Please note: This form is ONLY for you if you want to register your charity/organisation on the Turn2us Grants Search and are from:

  • A charity or not-for-profit organisation who give financial grants to people in need

  • A company that gives not for profit grants to individuals (e.g. for educational purposes)

If the answer to the above is 'Yes', please fill in the registration form below (you will need to scroll down). For guidance, see Example-Completed-Charity-Registration-Form-(PDF-file-size:-517kb)

If the answer to the above is 'No', read our Guide to which Turn2us registration form to use

Charity Registration Form

Required value*
The details asked for above are for Turn2us contact purposes only. They will not to be shown on your charity Grants Search profile.
Organisation name, postal address, charity email, charity website and charity telephone number will be listed as contact details on your Grants Search record for public users to see.
Please define as clearly as possible the area you cover to make sure your charity's profile only appears when someone types in a relevant postcode - e.g. county, city, town, village, parish, borough or postcode list. If you have a map on your website that shows the area you cover, please provide a link.
This helps us filter out people that you do not help when they search and state their gender.
This helps us filter out people that you do not help when they search and state their age.
For example: Occupational experience or health conditions, religion, nationality, situation ...
Total amount you gave in grants to individuals in the last year e.g. £10,000.
For example: Bankruptcy, private school fees, medical costs, funeral costs etc.
For example: Befriending, Counselling, Debt advice, employment services, care homes ...
For example: If on a form, how do they access it? Please provide any website links to application forms and guidance notes. Can they apply directly or do they have to apply via a professional?
For example: Citizens Advice, health and social care professional such as a doctor, nurse, social worker, occupational therapist, charity organisation ...
These are specific terms people may use to search that we can add on your record to help people to find your profile. For example: If you are an fund that helps anyone in agriculture, you may put several occupations related to farming.
How would you like to receive enquiries?

This last option would mean only intermediaries logged into their Turn2us intermediary account will see your record

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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