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Which Turn2us registration form should I use?

And what you should use them for

Which Turn2us registration form should I use?

  • Individuals looking for help: Please read the information about the help we provide to individuals through benefits and grants. If you want to register, please fill in the Turn2us individual's registration form.

  • Intermediaries (advisers, support workers, home visitors and welfare officers - professionals or volunteers - who have regular face-to-face contact with people in financial need): Please read the Turn2us Intermediaries User Guide for more information on the support we can give you. If you want to register for an intermediary account and don't have an account already, please fill in the Turn2us intermediaries registration form.

  • Register for the Grants Search: If your organisation provides direct financial support to individuals, you want to register your charity/organisation on the Turn2us Grants Search and are from:

    • A charity or not-for-profit organisation who give financial grants to people in need, or

    • A company that gives not for profit grants to individuals (e.g. for educational purposes or to help with energy costs).

What the registration forms shouldn't be used for

Individuals/intermediaries trying to make an enquiry to a charitable fund listed on the Grants Search once they have a Turn2us account: Log in to your Turn2us account or register for a Turn2us account, then find the charitable fund's profile on our Grants Search. If the charity accepts online enquiries through Turn2us, click the 'Enquire online' button which will take you to the enquiry form. If this button does not appear on the profile, you need to read the 'How to Apply' section to find out how the charity likes to receive enquiries/applications. See our Get Support section for more information.

Charities wanting to update their profile on the Grants Search: See our Charity User Guide or contact the Turn2us information team at:

Charities looking for financial help for their work: The Turn2us Grants Search does not provide this information. For more information on fundraising and grants for charities, see the following resources: Directory of Social Change; GRANTfinder database or Gov.UK website information on Applying for funding for community projects.

People wanting to contact Turn2us for any other reasons: See our Contact Us page.