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Supplementary Payment

Supplementary Payment is a top-up that is available to some people in Northern Ireland who are affected by the Benefit Cap.

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Am I eligible?

You may be eligible for Supplementary Payment if you are affected by the Benefit Cap and you:

  • Live in Northern Ireland
  • Are responsible for a child or qualifying young person who lives with you

Up to 7 November 2016, you can only get Supplementary Payment if you claimed the following benefits for the whole time since 31 May 2016. From 7 November 2016, you must have received these benefits for the whole time since 7 November 2016:  

If you started claiming these benefits after 7 November 2016, you cannot get a Supplementary Payment unless your claims are backdated to before 7 November 2016.

If any of your claims for these benefits stop, your entitlement to Supplementary Payment stops.  You will only be awarded Supplementary Payment once. You may be able to get it reinstated if your claims are backdated to cover all of the time between the day your last claim stopped and the day when your new claim started.

If you are affected by the Benefit Cap and you are not eligible for Supplementary Payment, read our Benefit Cap guide to check your options.

What can I get?

When you are affected by the Benefit Cap, your Housing Benefit is reduced. Supplementary Payment covers the reduction in your Housing Benefit so that you receive your full entitlement.

If you are entitled to Supplementary Payment, you will receive it until any of your benefit claims stop.

How do I apply?

You don’t need to apply for Supplementary Payment. It is automatically paid with your Housing Benefit. You can find out more about Supplementary Payment on the NI direct Benefit Cap page.  

If you have any problems with Supplementary Payment, you should seek advice. You can use our Find an Advisor tool to find a benefits adviser near to you. 

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