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If you are a migrant to the UK, find out what help might be available to you.

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To check what benefits you might be entitled to quickly and easily, some migrants can use the Turn2us Benefits Calculator. However,  you should read the information below first.

Whether you can apply for benefits depends on your immigration status and whether you meet the presence and residence rules.

Immigration Status

If you are an European Economic Area (EEA) national who was already living in the UK on 31 December 2020, your right to claim benefits will often depend on your right to reside.  

If you are not an EEA national, or you came to the UK after 31 December 2020, your right to claim benefits depends on your immigration status. Read our guide on Non-EEA nationals for more information on who can apply for benefits.

Asylum seekers cannot claim benefits but may be entitled to Asylum Support

Refugees and people granted humanitarian protection have roughly the same entitlement to benefits as UK citizens. See our guide on Refugee and Humanitarian protection for more information.

Presence and Residence Rules

If you are coming from abroad to the UK, you have to meet the presence and residence rules for benefits. Whether you are an EEA national or Non-EEA national you have to satisfy the presence and residence rules. See our guide on Residence and Presence Tests for more information for which tests you have to satisfy..

To claim some benefits, you have to pass or be exempt from the Habitual Residence Test or the Right to Reside Test. Our guides tell you what benefits are affected and the conditions for passing these tests.


To find out what help may be available from grant-giving charities, you can use the Turn2us Grants Search

Advice and Support

Turn2us is unable to offer advice on individual situations. To find an adviser in your area to discuss your situation with, you can use the Turn2us Find an Adviser tool

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