We view our staff as the sum of many parts rather than a single entity and we want to recruit to build a diverse group of talented people, collectively working towards a shared vision.

Hiring of Staff, Trustees and Volunteers

Turn2us is committed to the hiring and development of diverse staff, trustee and volunteer groups. We strive to encourage applications from people from all types of background; and we will challenge recruitment agencies to have balanced short lists.

Our hiring managers are supported by training so that they can recruit the most suitable person for each open position, paying attention to what the team needs to complement it, as well as the requirements for the post. They will always look for potential rather than current performance.

Initiatives to support Turn2us commitments to equality, diversity and inclusion 

In 2020, we set up a number of initiatives to underpin its commitments to equity, diversity and inclusion:

  • An Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee which aims to drive these values throughout the charity by reframing its EDI policy, providing training for all staff; working with other internal groups to ensure that EDI is central to the framing of every policy.
  • People with lived experience of financial exclusion are included on every interview panel to ensure that the panel is representative of the people who use our services.
  • A team has been established to work with external people who have used our services and ensure that they can input into our policy framework and culture to reflect the diverse society that we live in.
  • Regular reviews of our job evaluation and remuneration policy and approach, to ensure greater transparency; fairness and equality. This will include both gender and racial pay gap reporting. 
  • All policies and procedures (including our Safeguarding Policy) reflect its culture and ensure that they do not discriminate against any employee, trustee or volunteer, regardless of their background.

A commitment to learning

  • Both our Chair of Trustees, Carrie Stokes, and our Chief Executive, Thomas Lawson, are receiving coaching and training on EDI, with a view to ensuring positive change within Turn2us and a commitment to a more diverse and rich workforce. 
  • Training on sub conscious bias is being rolled out across the charity, with additional training on diverse recruitment for hiring mangers; along with the development of processes and induction packs. 

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