Our statement on senior salaries 

Updated 03/11/2023


As a charity, we recognise our responsibilities towards our staff, volunteers and beneficiaries. We are committed to ensuring  full accountability and transparency in all aspects of our work and are determined to do our best to support people who experience financial insecurity.  

Securing the right people and supporting them to thrive in their roles to deliver our ambitious plans is key to our strategy. One of the many ways we do this is through a competitive reward structure. We believe that although the charity sector can’t, and shouldn’t, compete with the commercial sector on pay, we must offer a fair salary for the skills and the experience we need to run a high performing, cost-effective and successful charity, proportionate to the complexity and responsibilities of each role, and in line with our charitable objectives. We seek to offer salaries and benefits that are comparative to other charities. 

Turn2us is committed to full transparency with regards to both our pay scales and how we manage our income, expenditure and fundraising. Information about senior level staff pay is made available in all our annual reports and accounts. 


The rationale for Turn2us’s salary bands and salary increases are guided by the following principles: 

  • To allow Turn2us to attract, develop and retain dedicated, motivated, and high-performing people to work in and to lead our organisation 
  • To ensure financial sustainability longer term for the Charity 
  • To ensure fairness in salary setting and decision making (rather than equality, as market forces prevent this) 
  • To ensure transparency of its remuneration processes for all employees 

Senior salaries 

The Board of Trustees is responsible for defining pay policy and deciding on the salaries of the CEO and Directors. The salaries of all staff across the charity are set out within a formal banding framework that are available for colleagues, supporters and other interested stakeholders to see. These bandings are set against a backdrop of vigorous benchmarking across the charity sector.  

We pay all London-based staff at least the London living wage and the real living wage for staff outside of London. For the current financial year, the Chief Executive band has been set at between £101,606 to £122,977 and is comparable to similar roles within the sector.  

Thomas Lawson, our incumbent Chief Executive, receives a salary of £131,285 for his role as charity chief executive (including £10,000 for his role as Chair of the Elizabeth Finn Homes, which is a commercial subsidiary that is wholly owned by the charity).

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