28,630 babies affected by Benefit Cap


Over 28,000 single parent families with children under the age of two have been affected by the Benefit Cap.

This is despite a high court ruling the policy unlawful. In June, Mr Justice Collins ruled that the cap discriminated against single parents with young children.

Nearly half (47%) of children in single parent households already live in poverty – a figure that is expected to rise.

Single parent households make up nearly two-thirds of the total households affected by the Benefit Cap.

Of the 68,079 households affected by the Benefit Cap, over 33,000 have lost more than £26,000 a year.

The policy caps out-of-work benefits at £23,000 a year in London and £20,000 a year outside.

Currently you can be exempt from the cap if you are receiving certain benefits such as Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or Carer’s Allowance or if you earn over a particular amount.

Alison Taylor, Director of Operations at Turn2us, said: “We are hearing from families with babies and children under the age of two experiencing financial hardship, because of the benefit cap, saying they cannot cover basic living costs.

"The ruling recognised that the policy is a blunt instrument, may have not have the intended effect and may be causing further hardship.”

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