BHS and Austin Reed staff: school uniform grants


As a charity which provides financial help to families working in the UK fashion and textile industry, the team here at the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust were saddened to hear the news that BHS and Austin Reed will soon be closing their doors - affecting an estimated 12,000 employees.

To help families during this challenging time, we have designed a new fast-track grant application process, enabling any affected employees with children aged under 18 years to apply for help towards school uniform costs.

Employees can apply for a grant of £150 (per child) to pay for school uniform and shoes for the new school year (starting September 2016).

Our main Fashion & Textile Children's Trust grant criteria still applies, but to speed the process, we have simplified the supporting evidence you need and applications can be submitted via email. Plus, we have added the option for you to receive payment via BACS electronic payment system into your bank account. We hope all these steps will encourage families to apply for help during this difficult time.

We’re a small and friendly team and are here to help you.

How to apply

All fast-track applications must be submitted by email to:

Step 1: Download and fill in the Fashion & Textile Children's Trust fast-track application form below. (If you have more than one child, please complete a separate form for each child).

Fashion & Textile Children's Trust fast-track application form (Word file)

Fashion & Textile Children's Trust fast-track application form (PDF file size: 121kb)

Step 2: Provide the following three documents:

  1. A copy of your P45/a redundancy notification letter dated 2016

  2. A copy of your P60 for 2014/2015 or a letter from employer

  3. Photocopies of a Child Benefit letter or a recent (within the last three months) bank statement showing Child Benefit payment into your account.

Please note: Without these documents, FTCT are unable to progress your application

You can apply today using this form and we will start assessing applications from Friday 15th July onwards. Closing date for all fast track applications is Friday 14th October.

If you get stuck, contact the FTCT team on 0300 123 9002 or email:

Other types of grants available

Non BHS and Austin Reed employees can still apply for an FTCT grant, provided you work or have recently worked (since 2007) in the UK fashion and textile industry. This includes, among others, clothing shops, factories, warehouses and supermarkets which sell clothing.

Grants are available in small to large one-off amounts or on-going payments, for more complex needs.

More information on Fashion & Textile Children's Trust

We’re a small and friendly team and are here to help you.

For more information, please visit the Fashion & Textile Children's Trust website

Or call the team today on 0300 123 9002.

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