Claim Pension Credit before August 18th

Eligible pensioners must claim Pension Credit by August 18th to get the £650 cost of living cash support.

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This Spring, the government announced new help to support people with the cost of living. There are a number of different schemes that are aimed at different groups. The scheme officially launched in July, when the first wave payments were deposited in the bank accounts of individuals who qualify.  

More information on this Cost of Living support is in our guide to the cost of living support payments.  

Anyone on means-tested benefits should automatically receive the £650 payment total by the end of the autumn. This includes people on Pension Credit, who will be paid in two instalments: the first, worth £326, made in July, and the second, worth £324, in the autumn.  

To qualify for both payments people need to have been eligible for AND claiming pension credit on 25 May 2022.  

The good news is it isn’t too late - those who are eligible can backdate a pension credit claim. 


Pension Credit is extra money for low income pensioners to bring their weekly income up to a minimum amount. 


  1. As long as you are State Pension Age, you can claim Pension Credit whether or not you are still working. You do not need to have paid any national insurance contributions. If you live with a partner, in most cases they need to be pension age too. 

Use our Benefits Calculator now to see if you are eligible. 

  1. To qualify for the first cost of living payment, worth £326, a person must be entitled to a payment of Pension Credit on any day from April 26 to May 25, 2022. (i.e. must have been over 66 by 25 May 2022) 

However, new claims for Pension Credit can be backdated for a maximum of three months provided the entitlement conditions are met throughout the three months. 

This means it is not too late to put in a claim for Pension Credit in time to get the extra £650 payment. 

When you claim Pension Credit, make sure you ask to make your claim from 3 months before the date you claim. 

Successful applications for Pension Credit can be backdated by three months, but only if you include a date in the form / over the phone that is 3 months before the day you claim.  

For example, if you submit your Pension Credit application form on 11th August, you must state in that form that your Pension Credit claim period should start from 11th  May. 


To guarantee that 25 May will be included in the first Pension Credit payment for pensioners wishing to backdate a new claim, we strongly urge that your claim should be made as soon as possible and no later than 18th August. 

We urge you to claim as soon as possible so you do not miss out on the £650 cost of living payment.  

Pensioners, or friends or relatives on their behalf, can use our Benefits Calculator to check if they qualify. 

The quickest way to claim pension credit is via, or by calling the Pension Service on 0800 99 1234. It will even fill in the application form for you.  

What you will need for your claim: 

  • Your national insurance number 

  • Information about your income, savings and investments 

  • Your bank account details 

Start your claim 

Other help if you get Pension Credit 

If you qualify for Pension Credit you can also get other help, such as: 

  • Housing Benefit if you rent the property you live in 

  • Support for Mortgage Interest if you own the property you live in 

  • Council Tax reduction 

  • Free TV licence if you are aged 75 or over 

  • Help with NHS dental treatment, glasses and transport costs for hospital appointments 

  • Help with your heating costs through the Warm Home Discount Scheme 

  • Help with your water bill 

  • A discount on the Royal Mail redirection service if you are moving house