Do you earn less than £296 a week?


Households with an income of less than £296 a week are considered to be in relative low income, according to the latest Government statistics.

The report shows that the mean UK household income is £594 per week. However, this is slightly skewed due to higher incomes.

The median UK household income is £494 per week before housing costs and £425 per week after housing costs. Those earning 60% or less of this figure are said to be in relative low income.

The number of people who are considered to be in relative low income grew by 300,000 last year.

Those who experience relative low income for two out of three years are seen as being in persistent low income.

Statistically, 9% of people are in persistent low before housing costs and 12% after housing costs.

The numbers are higher for children: 11% of whom are in persistent low income before housing costs and 17% after housing costs.

Life on a low income

Many people on low incomes are unaware of the help they are entitled to or eligible for.

Anne-Marie and her husband were living in their own home in Scotland with their two children. Anne-Marie was a bar and restaurant manager and her husband was a world judo champion who ran his own martial arts business.

However, the family’s quality of life fell dramatically when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Their reduced income meant the heating would stay off, they started shopping for cheaper and less nutritious food and they relied on family support and hand-outs.

Over the following months, items such as the household dishwasher, microwave, kettle and fridge broke and Anne-Marie had to look for some support.

After being directed to Turn2us by the hospital, the family received three grants as a result of using the Grants Search and two benefits from using the Benefit Calculator.

In total, Anne-Marie received £1,160 in grants as well as a new vacuum cleaner and kettle. Additionally, the family now also claim Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit.

If you are struggling on a low income, use the Benefits Calculator and the Grants Search to find out what you may be eligible for.