Do you have the right compassion and care?


Turn2us volunteers offer a lifeline to those most in need of help. Often just visiting someone who feels lonely can make all the difference. 

Volunteering for Turn2us is a very flexible role, 65% of our volunteers offer up to five hours per month, and 35% offer more than five hours.

Irene Behl, who works in the grants team at Turn2us, said: “It sounds like a cliché but it is true to say that the volunteers often become ‘the eyes and ears’ of the caseworker when they visit our beneficiaries and applicants.   

“The visit report is an enormously valuable part of the review/application process as the visitor is so often best placed to pick up on issues and concerns that a client will share in person during an informal Turn2us visit.

“The compassion and care shown by our volunteers towards the beneficiaries they visit is invaluable.   

“These will often be the most vulnerable members of our society experiencing ongoing struggles with their physical or mental health, and the management of the day to day life tasks that most of us take for granted.”

Do you have what it takes to get involved?

#VolunteersWeek 1-7 June 2017