Fair for You raises concerns over poverty premium


Three reports in as many weeks have identified that persistent poverty in the UK has a considerable impact on children growing up in the households that are affected. Ethical lender Fair for You intends to remove the poverty premium many of these households face.

Fair for You Founder and CEO, Angela Clements, said: “We’re not at all surprised that a map of where our customers live exactly reflects the map of child poverty in the UK. On top of white goods, we find our customers are most wanting to buy essential items for their children, such as bunk beds, cots, high chairs and buggies.

“We are calling for local authorities, utility companies, social housing providers and a wide range of voluntary and community agencies to support Fair for You’s challenge to the high cost lenders and to actively promote it to their service users. Together, we can offer a positive, national, alternative to the high cost credit that drains these homes of essential funds and instead provide one that helps them take steps out of poverty.’  

For more information, see the Fair for You website

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