Get active in your community!


Our latest volunteer opportunity, the Community Champion, will reach out to the most financially vulnerable people in your community.

We need Community Champion volunteers to build relationships and support people in need to take the brave first step of calling the Turn2us Helpline (0808 802 2000: Mon-Fri, 9am – 5:30pm).

The helpline supports people who are digitally excluded and financially vulnerable find welfare benefits, grants and information. This could make a huge difference to their lives.

This role supports our Financial Hardship Project – a project focused entirely on improving the well-being and self-sufficiency of people struggling financially.

Together, we can tackle the barriers to people claiming the £16bn (yes, billion) of benefits which go unclaimed every year.

Our research has found that people across the UK are struggling to find financial safety nets. Focusing our initial efforts in local communities could help a very large number of people very quickly.

Community Champion Volunteers are given training and support, including a toolkit designed to help them in this role.

The toolkit is packed full of useful guidance, templates and background information. It provides tools for everything the role could involve: from engaging with hard to reach groups to organising local events!

Find out more about becoming a Community Champion