Grants Spotlight: Boots Benevolent Fund

In this Grants Spotlight, we take a closer look at the Boots Benevolent Fund, exploring who the fund is for and how it has helped recipients.

This article is 13 months old


What is the Boots Benevolent Fund? 

The Boots Benevolent Fund is a registered charity offering support to eligible current and former Boots team members in the UK, as well as their immediate relatives and dependants experiencing financial hardship. It can provide eligible applicants with grants, interest-free loans and/or supermarket vouchers. 

Who does the Boots Benevolent Fund help? 

 To be eligible to apply to BBF for financial support, you must be a current or former team member of the Boots family, or financially dependent on someone who works for the Boots family. 

What sort of financial help does the Boots Benevolent Fund give?  

The Boots Benevolent Fund can help in a wide variety of circumstances, such as to pay arrears, council tax, rent and utilities. The Fund can also help with paying for funeral expenses, essential medical aids, essential white goods and furniture, living expenses (issued as supermarket vouchers), bankruptcy and debt relief order fees, rent and deposit if a team member is homeless or their health and safety is at risk, and car repairs (in remote locations only). 

Beyond financial help  

The Boots Benevolent Fund refers current applicants to the Boots Employee Assistant Programme, LifeWorks. LifeWorks are on hand to provide ongoing support on matters including financial planning, budgeting, debt management, and many other areas where advice may be needed. They can be contacted by calling 0800 077 8316  or by visiting (user name Boots; Password care).  

Real-life stories: Claire*

The Boots Benevolent Fund has helped team members like Claire*, who had to leave her home due to her and her family becoming homeless. She needed to be rehoused immediately, and required financial support to pay the deposit and the first month’s rent. The Fund was able to support Claire by paying for both.  

Claire said: “I am blown away by your kindness! I still can’t believe it. You have made such a difference to my life. Please share my story. People should know about the help available, and exactly how helpful you are. I cannot thank you enough!” 

Real life stories: Angela*

Angela* applied to the Fund for help with purchasing a washing machine as her own had broken and she couldn’t afford a replacement. The Fund supported Angela by buying the washing machine and additionally gave her supermarket vouchers to help with her daily living expenses. 

Angela said: “Oh my goodness, I am lost for words! Thank you doesn’t seem quite enough. I don’t know if you realise quite how much of a difference this will make to my son and I. The pressure has been lifted off and I’m so very grateful. Thank you also to you personally for all your help and support during my application.” 


To find out more about the Boots Benevolent Fund, visit their website. To see if you are eligible for the Boots Benevolent Fund and other grants, use the Turn2us Grants Search.  

*Names have been changed