GroceryAid - December's Grants Spotlight


Whether you work, or have worked, within grocery manufacturing, wholesale, the supply chain or retail, GroceryAid might be able to support you if you are in need.

GroceryAid may be able to help with:

  • Regular financial support subject to eligibility criteria

  • Emotional support and practical guidance from experts through the GroceryAid Helpline. This includes, telephone befriending, counselling, relationship support, advice on health and personal issues and much more

  • Legal issues, both personal and business

  • Physical support through the provision of essential basic items, such as cookers, beds, televisions and washing machines

  • Provision of mobility scooters and independence aids when appropriate

  • Carers support programme for those who undertake unpaid caring responsibilities.

How GroceryAid helped Sara

Sara wrote to GroceryAid to tell the charity that it had made an enormous difference to the life of her family. Having a disabled baby boy had been life changing, mentally, physically and financially and she had to give up her career in retail management to care for him. She said that GroceryAid have lifted a massive weight with emotional and financial support. The additional payment of £150 for her child has really helped improve their Christmas.

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