Housing charity launches new website


St Martin-in-the-Fields Charity helps homeless people to receive shelter, food, aid and advice, and provides thousands of one-off grants to vulnerable people across the UK.

The charity has also recently launched a new website, Frontline Network, which offers frontline workers in the sector opportunities to share best practice, learn new skills and discuss innovative approaches to tackling homelessness and housing issues.

The main features of the website include a Forum, Ideas Board, Events page and a Blog.

Natalie King, Network Development Manager for Frontline Network explains, “We believe that frontline workers have the insight and imagination to not just serve clients within existing structures, but design new services and initiatives that will improve outcomes for those facing homelessness.”

Share ideas and apply for funding

The ‘Ideas Board’ on the website is a place for frontline workers to post ideas, receive feedback from peers and apply for funding between £200 and £10,000.

Natalie adds, “Please do register to be able to make the most of this free resource and spread the word to your colleagues and peers in other organisations. We look forward to working with you to help make sure everyone in the UK has access to safe, decent and affordable accommodation.”

To find out more, see the Frontline Network website or email St Martin's-in-the-Fields Charity at: