How Turn2us may be able to help you


1. Turn2us Benefits Calculator

Every year £16.6bn of benefits go unclaimed. This includes tax credits or welfare benefits that you are entitled to. It can often be complicated to work out what you might be entitled to. You can use our Benefit Calculator to check your entitlement to these benefits.

Simply type in your details and the results page will tell you which benefits and tax credits you may be entitled to and how much you may receive.

Use the Turn2us Benefits Calculator

2. Turn2us Grants Search

You can use the Turn2us Grants Search to find out charitable funds that might be able to help you, based on your background, circumstances and needs.

Charitable funds give grants to people in financial need that meet their eligibility criteria for help. This might include occupations, industries, locations, gender, age, religion, nationality or situation.

Our Grants Search makes searching for grants much easier. It contains details of 3,000 charitable funds that give grants for welfare or educational purposes. You can use the Turn2us Grants Search to build up a picture of your circumstances to find possible charitable funds that may be able to give you support.

Use our Grants Search

3. Direct Grants

Turn2us also gives direct grants through a number of charitable funds, including the Turn2us Elizabeth Finn Fund and Turn2us Edinburgh Trust.

Turn2us Elizabeth Finn Fund

The Turn2us Elizabeth Finn Fund has been giving direct grants and support for over a century.

The Turn2us Elizabeth Finn Fund gives grants to people who are struggling financially and have an identified need for support, who hold or have formerly held occupations requiring a certain level of responsibility and education - or whose partners have done so. We can award grants to people from over 120 different professions. The grants we give help make a difference to an individual or family’s life and improve their living conditions.

Find out more about the Turn2us Elizabeth Finn Fund

Edinburgh Trust

The Edinburgh Trust provides grants to people struggling financially, who are living in the City of Edinburgh.

We’ve helped thousands of people across the City of Edinburgh. Many people come to us after having had a difficult time in life such as unemployment, physical or mental illness or other problems.

The grants we give can be used to buy household items such as cookers, washing machines, beds, fridges and carpets. We can also help people meet their essential living and travelling costs and pay bankruptcy fees.

Read more about the Edinburgh Trust

Other funds

We also administer a small number of other charitable funds which are either closed to new applicants or open to a limited number of applicants only.