"I’m secure in my flat instead of being homeless"


Mark is in his early fifties and lives in Kent.

He had been finding it hard to maintain employment because he had been struggling with alcoholism for years with only intermittent periods of sobriety.

He had also been battling to keep his flat for some time which exacerbated the situation and contributed greatly to his depression.

Without any funds to move, he was deeply fearful of becoming homeless.

Eventually the courts granted his landlord a claim for possession, and Mark received a notice of eviction.

Facing homelessness, he only had a short period of time to find the money for a new place.

Having previously worked in welfare advocacy, Mark knew about Turn2us and applied for a grant from the Elizabeth Finn Fund.

His application was successful and he was awarded £1,000 just in time to put a deposit in for a new home.

Mark said: “The blood drained from my face when I received the letter as I never really expected to be awarded the grant!

“I was so unbelievably grateful and a huge burden was lifted from me.

“I was mind-blown and the result is that I am sat here secure in my flat instead of being homeless with a positive outlook and eight months of sobriety under my belt for the first time in my life.”

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