Jenny Stacey - Turn2us Volunteer Visitor


We are so lucky to have so many incredible volunteer visitors.One hundred and thirty three in fact, dotted across the UK, providing an invaluable human face to Turn2us’ grant giving - and each just as incredible as the last.

Jenny Stacey, one of the especially incredible visitors, has been volunteering for Turn2us for around ten years.

Jenny's volunteer visiting

“Many years ago, I used to chat to my cousin, Hilary, when she mentioned Elizabeth Finn (Turn2us’ former name). I asked her to explain more about it and decided that, as she was about to retire, I would volunteer in west and north Yorkshire areas.

"I had, and have now been for over thirty years, a volunteer for another charity with visits involving criminal incidents. These can be very stressful and I never know the outcome.

"I became a Turn2us volunteer about ten years ago after both my parents died – exactly a year apart, both at ninety five years old. Initially, I went on a visit with another volunteer, who has since left the area and who I am still in contact with to this day. I only visit ladies, my own choice, and have around 10 each year to go to. It is always lovely to see them again, catch up on news and see how Turn2us’ grant has improved their lives.

"When I first joined, we did not have any contact throughout the year with the people we visit, many of whom are isolated for various reasons. I am glad that things have changed in that area, now that we can ring and have a mid year visit too.

"I feel very privileged to be a part of this superb charity – and hope to continue for many years to come.”

Celebrating our volunteers

We really can’t celebrate our volunteers enough, the work volunteers like Jenny have done over so many years have touched the lives of so many people.

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