Lodge Leapers complete skydives for Turn2us


Three brave women are celebrating after their tandem skydives raised more than £2,500 for Turn2us.

Nickie Grace, Hilary Francis and Christine Andrew went to Skydive Buzz at Honiton Airfield, Exeter on September 12 to complete their jumps. The brave trio all work for the Lodge Care Home, Exeter part of Elizabeth Finn Homes.  

They overcame their fears at 15,000ft and plummeted to the ground at around 125mph, but it was worth it for them as they far exceeded they their joint fundraising target of £1,200. 

For one of the jumpers it was certainly a day to remember. Nickie Grace said: “The noise of the wind and the plane engines is incredible. As we got to the door and I was on my knees, literally hanging out of the plane I honestly thought I might die.” 

“My tandem pulled my head back and then launched us into the nothingness. I remember thinking this is horrific and far too fast and then the parachute opened and whipped us tight back into orbit. Once everything had settled and we were parachuting down the reality of how high we were traumatised me.”

“You cannot fathom that kind of distance from the ground with nothing under your feet.”

“The adrenaline rush and the buzz afterwards are just incredible (once you know you aren’t dead)” 

Zena Carter, Head of Fundraising at Turn2us said ‘’Many congratulations to the ladies from The Lodge for conquering their fear of heights to perform this sensational skydive to raise much needed funds to help fight UK poverty.  We are hugely indebted to the team and all their sponsors who have supported them so generously."

The Lodge Leapers are already planning another skydive and they hope to try and enjoy it more the next time. 

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