Out of purse to nurse: How a grant can help you


Carol from Harrogate was living with her husband and her son when the relationship became abusive and she decided to move out.

The 48 year old previously worked as a nurse 13 years ago and wanted to get back into work. However, Carol needed to do an unpaid course to renew her skills.

Unfortunately, the cost of studying, travelling, and raising her son meant she couldn’t afford her rent and started to get into debt.

She approached her Housing Association to ask for help, but instead they threatened to evict her.

Not knowing where to find help, Carol was pointed in the direction of Turn2us by her local Citizens Advice Bureau.

Carol went to the Turn2us website and used the Grant Search. She discovered she was eligible for a grant from the Elizabeth Finn Fund.

After successfully applying, Carol received almost £2,000, which completely covered her rent arrears and fuel bills.

Carol said: “I felt so much freer and stopped getting headaches, it was like my birthday, the relief was unimaginable.”

No longer having to worry about becoming homeless, Carol could focus on her studies and went on to complete her course and is now employed as a nurse once again.

Carol added: “I am so much happier and I’ve achieved my goal. Turn2us was a springboard into a new beginning.”

Use our Grant Search to see what you could be eligible for.