Q&A: Giving back to construction


Building and Civil Engineering (B&CE) Charitable Trust provides support to people from the construction industry who are struggling financially. Originally set up in 1991, the trust provides help in a number of ways including grant-giving and training.  

Louise King, Customer Services Manager for B&CE Charitable Trust, visited our Contact Centre recently to meet some of the Turn2us team and discuss how we can continue to work together to help people in financial need. We sat down for an interview during her visit.

Can you tell us about your role at B&CE?

I have been the Customer Services Manager for the B&CE Charitable Trust since September 2016, and have worked within the Trust since May 2015. I lead a team of Charitable Trust Administrators. They take calls from applicants and manage cases before approval by our Board of Trustees. We deal with over 50 calls per week, on average, which can be about a mixture of new and existing claims. We’re proud to say that in the past year (since April 2016) we have paid out on 60 individual claims. That amounts to grants totalling over £40k making a real difference to people’s lives.

How does B&CE work with Turn2us?

We’re featured on the Turn2us Grants Search, where applicants can complete an online enquiry form.  They can also call Turn2us, who can refer the applicant to us. This referral process makes things simpler, as it enables the caller to make only one call, rather than multiple enquiries to different organisations. This is more effective and gives both Turn2us and our team at the Charitable Trust a sense of achievement. We all have one purpose: to support those in need.

In the first two weeks of March this year, we received 21 new applications. Of these, 12 had been signposted to us from Turn2us, either directly or indirectly.

We were set up to reach as many construction workers in need as possible. Turn2us has enabled us to do that. Turn2us help people to help themselves, and help them to find organisations that can give them a bit more support when they need it. This work really makes a difference to people’s lives.

Louise King, B&CE Charitable Trust

What did you learn from your visit to the Turn2us Contact Centre?

My visit was a brilliant opportunity to see the amazing work that the Turn2us team do. It enabled me to see first-hand the full benefit check that the team complete, and how much information can be given to the caller. This is invaluable for our work.

I also was given a chance to do a Q&A session with the Turn2us team to allow me to share the work of the B&CE Charitable Trust and answer their questions about the support we give. It was a really worthwhile afternoon as it gave me an insight into the customer experience people have before they reach us here at B&CE.

How important is it for how both charities to work together to reach more people in financial need?

We look forward to continuing to work with Turn2us to help those in need in the construction industry. Our partnership is fundamental to our purpose, which is to provide help in times of need to those in the industry suffering financial hardship. And thank you for all you do. It makes a real difference where it is needed most.

More information

B&CE Charitable Trust is featured on Turn2us Grants Spotlight this month.

You can find out more information on the B&CE Charitable Trust website or read the Turn2us Grants Search profile for B&CE Charitable Trust