Report finds significant impact of Fair for You


Fair for You is a not-for-profit alternative to high cost weekly payment stores.

Frustrated at seeing companies profit from pressuring families to pay extra fees as part of their weekly payment agreement, its founders set it up to use the power of business to bring about social change.

Although Fair for You has only been operating for a short while, it wanted to understand the impact that it was having and commissioned the Centre for Responsible Credit to look at the social impact that it was having on the lives of those using its service.

The report was published in the House of Commons today, with Damon Gibbons from the Centre for Responsible Credit, outlining some of its key findings.

They included:

  • Half of Fair for You customers are less anxious, stressed, and depressed because of using its service,
  • 45% of Fair for You customers had improved health because of using its service,
  • One third of Fair for You customers say, because they used its service, their children's health/well-being has improved.

There was also a talk by Lisa, a Fair for You customer, who described how Fair for You has changed the lives of her and her children.

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