Summer holiday help

The summer holiday can be an expensive time of year for families. Kids being at home, and the need to find extra childcare, can put a big extra burden on budgets.

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Help with childcare 

You can get help through benefits for Ofsted-registered childcare, which might include holiday camps and other holiday activities – check what help you can get using the Benefits Calculator.

If you can’t get help through benefits, you could apply for the tax-free childcare scheme.  


The government has given councils extra money to help people who are struggling with the cost of living – contact your council to find out if they can support you.  

There are different holiday schemes in the different countries of the UK.  


Councils are running activities with food provision – contact your council to find out more. 


Councils might be running activities with food provision – check your council’s website. 

Scottish child bridging payment will pay families £130 per child over 6 getting Free School Meals. 

Northern Ireland

Families on free school meals will get £13.50 per week per child. You need to apply before 30 June to get payments during the holidays. 


There should be vouchers or payments for families whose children get free school meals  - contact your council for details.