The Turn2us Volunteers’ Area


Recently, we have been working hard to ensure that we give you access to plenty of useful resources.

We want to have a single area where you can:

  • Find detailed information about things like our Volunteering Strategy

  • Submit Visit Report Forms

  • And even find useful courses to expand your knowledge.

Enter the Turn2us Volunteers' Area: an entire section of the website just for you!

Here’s what you can find inside:

Key documents and useful resources

In the Volunteers Area, we have an entire page dedicated to giving you access to the documents you need. There’s Visit Report Forms, Expenses Forms and more. Furthermore, we have an ever-growing range of extracurricular courses and information. Take for example, the Friends Against Scams course; a free, 40 minute course which could prove very useful to Volunteer Visitors (you also get a shiny certificate at the end!).

We are constantly looking to update the Volunteers’ Area with useful material.

Visitor Reports

The Volunteer’s Area also contains a very convenient way to upload your Visit Report Forms. We encourage every visitor to submit their reports on this page due to its simplicity and security. All you have to do is enter the beneficiary details, the date and the information you have found on your visit into the boxes and click 'submit'. Gone are the days of multiple hard copies, saving and emailing. Here it can all be done securely in one swift click!

Frequently Asked Questions

We also have some answers to frequently asked questions from volunteers. Some of these are technical questions about the Volunteers’ Area itself; others are more general questions about other aspects of Turn2us and volunteering.

Of course, the volunteer team’s contact details are also all there for any queries you might have, big or small.

'How to' Guide

Finally, we have a guide on how to use various aspects of the Volunteers' Area, which goes into a bit more detail than we have done on this page.

How can I get on the Volunteers' Area?

Good question! As mentioned, the Volunteers’ Area is exclusively for Volunteers. This means you need to sign up on the website as a Volunteer, and we will then press a button that gives you access. The only way to sign up is to register for a Turn2us Volunteer's Account.

If you have any difficulties completing the registration form, please tell us at and we will help you.