Turn2us launches ‘Let’s Get the System Working’ campaign



Turn2us launched its new campaign in May, calling for a fairer, compassionate, more accessible benefits system and a commitment to transforming the way benefits are viewed. 

In a YouGov poll commissioned by the anti-poverty charity, a staggering 77% of surveyed respondents believed it would be challenging to claim benefits if their circumstances changed.

Additionally, nearly half of survey respondents (49%) felt shame or unworthiness around claiming benefits; a more compassionate approach is needed. 

Turn2us’s vision is that everyone in the UK has financial security so that they can thrive. Through their Benefits Calculator, Grants Search and information resources, the charity offers practical information and support to people facing financial insecurity. 

The Let’s #GetTheSystemWorking campaign aims to highlight the issues affecting the charity’s service users, challenge the stigma of seeking financial help, and spread the word on how people and organisations can get involved. 

Joining Turn2us’s call for change are several celebrity ambassadors: Will Poulter, known for his role in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy; India Amarteifio, who appeared in Netflix's Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story; Paapa Essiedu, an award-winning actor known for his work in "I May Destroy You," and Romola Garai, acclaimed for her roles in "Vanity Fair" and "Suffragette."  

You can see a short video message recorded with them all as part of the campaign launch below. 

Our Turn2us Ambassadors talk about our campaign

Will Poulter, India Amarteifio, Paapa Essiedu and Romola Garai have recorded a short film to help us amplify our message, which would be wonderful if you can share.


In the UK, welfare is in a state.

The system isn’t working for millions of people. At a time when basic living costs are soaring.

People are doing all they can, but can’t feed their families. Too many are working, but can’t pay the bills.

Welfare benefits should be there to help.

But the system is difficult to navigate.

Millions of people are not accessing the money that is available. And too many don’t have enough to get by.

Turn2us offer easy to use, practical tools to help you work out what you can claim.

We think the social security system needs to change.

It needs to be fair, it needs to be compassionate, and it needs to work for everyone.

Let’s get the system working.

Let’s get the system working.

Let’s get the system working.

Let’s get the system working.

#GetTheSystemWorking has also been featured across national and local radio, TV and newspapers. Particular highlights include: 

“We want to get rid of the stigma of benefits and them being a taboo. There is £23bn worth of unclaimed benefits for people that are there for them to claim. For me, it feels like I’ve got the platform. I can speak from experience as to why and how important and beneficial this would be to people. We need to get things moving and get people talking.” 

India Amarteifio: Life on benefits and the glitzy world of Bridgerton ( 

'The benefits system has been "complex" and at points "incredibly confusing" to manage. "I feel like it's not set up by people who've ever claimed benefits."'

'I've claimed benefits for 17 years and I still struggle - sometimes I don't get paid' - Mirror Online 

Money Box - General Election and Fraud report - BBC Sounds [From 18:20].

If you too would like to #GetTheSystemWorking, so that it is less confusing and more compassionate, you can join Turn2us and get involved by: 

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Download and print off a poster for your window or local community space. 

Joining Turn2us’s supporter email list to hear how you can get involved in the future. 

Fundraise for Turn2us by taking on a challenge or organising an event. 

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Find out more about the #GetTheSystemWorking campaign.