Turn2us launches new brand identity

We are revealing a new brand to represent our purpose and offer our support to even more people affected by financial insecurity while also tackling the symptoms and causes of poverty.  

This article is 32 months old


The charity’s refreshed look and feel is supported by a new strapline - tackling financial insecurity together - which reaffirms its commitment to working in partnership to address the systemic issues keeping 14.5 million people across the UK in poverty. It has been developed in full co-production partnership with people who have lived experience of financial insecurity, with the work undertaken pro-bono by CFS Consultants and brand agency, OPX Studio.    

With the financial devastation brought about by Covid, Turn2us is keen to ensure its  brand is fit for purpose in a post pandemic world. Its primary focus is to make sure its identity aligns with its purpose and strategy, so it is best placed to reach as many people who need its services as possible.  

Co-production and collaboration were integral to shaping the direction of the brand. From the initial brand review and project inception, to participating in creative workshops and reviewing iterations of design and language, Turn2us service users have been front and centre of the project, ultimately creating a brand they feel can represent them.  

Aneita Lewis, a Turn2us rebrand co-production partner with lived experience of financial insecurity, comments, “It was thought-provoking being a part of the pathway of re-branding, I didn't realise how much actually goes into the process.  As a co-production member, I was able to give my views and felt they were taken on board. What is produced is something empowering, bold, real-life and modern looking” 

Thomas Lawson, Turn2us Chief Executive, comments: “In all its guises over an almost-125 year history, Turn2us has sought to help people struggling to keep their heads above water. In recent years we have revised our purpose and values to deepen our impact. To this end, our new identity - which is an evolution of our existing brand - needed to be much more centred on the people for whom we exist.  

“The issue of financial insecurity in the UK, and the need for anti-poverty charities in the sector to bring about change - especially in the aftermath of a pandemic - is profound. Our new strapline gets to the root of the issue and clearly sets out what is at the heart of our purpose; a need to collaborate to address the symptoms and systemic causes of poverty. We are incredibly grateful to all our co-production partners, colleagues and the team at CFS Consultants and OPX, for helping us to align this strategic ambition with our brand identity so confidently.”  

Brand agency OPX welcomed the opportunity to develop and complete the rebrand for Turn2us, delivering pro-bono support over an 18-month period - from initial brand review to today’s launch. 

Frances Jackson, CEO and OPX Founder, adds: "The Turn2us brand project has been one of the most thorough and inclusive projects we have worked on an agency. And yet at no time has the creative vision been lost. Every aspect of the new brand has been designed to be, human, inclusive and insistent. Our ambition was to bring attention to and give a voice to the people Turn2us exists to serve – from development of the strapline, the design of the new logo to the new photography of people, all of whom have used Turn2us services. It has been an incredibly rewarding project for an important cause"   

The impact of Covid-19 meant that an unprecedented 3.1 million people used the Turn2us Benefits Calculator, and 11.6 million people accessed the website’s information pages between April 2020 and October 2021. In that time the charity has also awarded over £6 million in grants to 7,640 families across the country. 

As winter fast approaches, and families across the UK navigate a more uncertain economic period, Turn2us continues to campaign on policies that boost people’s financial resilience and collaborates to tackle financial security for the long-term so people can thrive.