Turn2us launches new text message service


A new text messaging information service has been launched by Turn2us to give people we help better access to the support that is available to them.

The service will be available to people who opt into the SMS service after they have used the Turn2us helpline service of Benefit Calculator or Grants Search tool. The service will also enable Turn2us to send service reminders to people that may not have access to the internet or who don't have an email address but do have a mobile telephone number.

The new service will help those who find the welfare benefits system confusing. Turn2us will also use the service to inform users about key changes in the benefits system that might affect them.

 "Furthering our support to the people we help"

Kirsten McKenzie, Head of Helpline Services at Turn2us, said: “I am really excited about the launch of our new service and what this means for the people we help. I am always grateful of a text reminder whether about tickets I’ve purchased or to attend an appointment. I hope the people we help will find this new service really helpful too. By launching our text messaging service, we are furthering our commitment to support those struggling financially through the channel of their choice and I hope that this service will mean that many more people can access support.”

Turn2us help

If you are struggling financially, you can use the Turn2us Benefits Calculator to check your benefits entitlements. Even if you have checked before, it is worth checking again, especially if there has been a change in your circumstances.

You can also check if you are eligible for a charitable grant or other support by using the Turn2us Grants Search.

If you are worried about your situation and would like further advice, you can use the Turn2us Find an Adviser tool to locate face-to-face advice in your local area.