Turn2us launches the Skills Bank


Increasing numbers of employers give their staff time off work each year to volunteer for a charity or cause they are passionate about – while still getting paid!

Turn2us Skills Bank is our take on employee supported volunteering (ESV). Our new programme opens up a diversity of opportunities to highly skilled and talented people who want to give something back, yet have busy work schedules.

We are looking for volunteers from a variety of professional backgrounds to help us increase the impact of our work across the UK. Turn2us Skills Bank volunteers will take on well-defined, short-term projects for anything between an hour and two days – we need analytical whizzes to help us better understand our data, creative people to design story boards and shoot films, specialists to inform our research and communication gurus to improve how we engage with our supporters.

We can provide volunteer opportunities tailored to your employer’s business aims and values, shaped around your schedule and with no cost involved.

If you would like to get involved or would like to introduce Skills Bank to your employer, contact Lauren Hogan, our Volunteering Projects Officer, who can give you all the information you need to be part of Turn2us Skills Bank and help fight UK poverty.