Turn2us meets with energy sector


We met with representatives from a wide range of energy companies and consumer organisations today to discuss the problem of people struggling or unable to pay their energy bills.

We discussed how economically vulnerable people can get better access to practical help with their fuel bills.

It was an important first step, as Simon Hopkins, the chief executive of Turn2us, said:

"What we've seen today is significant because it is the first time that the sector has come together to say that they need to do more to get help to those who are most vulnerable.

“The energy sector has made huge progress in recent years, but what is clear is that without us bringing the support together in a clear way that people can access, the impact that we can have on those who most need help will be limited.

“The commitment from the sector to work with us to do that is an important first step, and we hope only the start of something much bigger."

Here is the Sky News report about the launch of today’s No Cold Homes campaign, where Simon talks about helping those in fuel poverty and Sarah-Jane talks about her experience of living in a cold home.