Turn2us responds to the Spring Statement 2023

This article is 15 months old


“Budget makes life tougher for people in low paid work” – Turn2us responds to Spring Statement​:

Responding to the Chancellor's Spring Statement today, Thomas Lawson, Chief Executive of financial insecurity charity Turn2us, said:

“We represent people struggling on low incomes. The measures in today’s budget require them to jump through extra hoops, like attending job centres, even when they’re working in what we all agree are vital roles, like teaching assistants and care workers.

“The earnings threshold has more than doubled in the space of just a year. This puts hundreds of thousands more people at risk of benefits sanctions, when we know sanctions do not work, ethically, practically or economically.

“The Chancellor needs to understand, no matter what he’s promising for the future, far too many are struggling to survive now.”