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Tory Welfare cuts will destroy benefit of new living wage, research shows

A record 6.5 million people – almost a quarter of UK workers – will remain trapped on poverty pay next year, despite George Osborne’s 50p-an-hour increase in the national minimum wage, according to research by the Resolution Foundation think tank 

Pop stars, world leaders rally to end poverty 

New York (AFP) - Some of the biggest names in music and politics from Beyoncé to European prime ministers rallied in a concert aimed at mobilizing action to eradicate extreme poverty.
Jobs website criticised for 'offensive' homeless advertising campaign 

A careers website has been flooded with complaints after it left cardboard signs reading “Found a Job” on fake “homeless beds” around London as part of a marketing campaign. The stunt by City Calling used blankets, sandals and dog bowls to create the illusion of a homeless person living on the street.

Redesign our education system to rescue people from poverty 

Since the election, the political agenda has been dominated by global events: the migrant crisis, the European debate. However, we must remind ourselves that politicians are elected on their perceived ability to improve the country’s wellbeing, as well as playing a good global game. The unsensational matter of education grabs little air time, but we should all pay attention. A lot has been said and spent on education, but the UK system is in crisis. 

The Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission recently published a detailed report describing the existence of a “class ceiling”. Its main thrust is that the top jobs go to the best educated, a function of class. Worryingly, it noted that Britain faces a permanent social divide if the “class ceiling” is not addressed.

Millions of Britons turn to credit when income changes unexpectedly

An estimated 6.5 million Britons have been forced to rely on credit in the past 12 months after their income unexpectedly took a turn for the worse, according to debt charity StepChange.