Universal Credit failing low-income families


A new report published today says that Universal Credit (UC) is failing in its aim to encourage people to work more hours by allowing them to keep more of their low-wage top-ups. The Resolution Foundation think tank sets out a three point plan for the new Secretary of State, designed to both ensure that UC will provide the support needed for families moving into and progressing in work in the future and to make implementation as simple as possible.

One of the report’s key findings shows that almost 3 million working families entitled to support through tax credits will no longer receive any in-work benefits and will lose, on average, £42 per week. In addition, a further 1.2 million are set to receive UC but will be, on average, £41 a week worse off.

Most shockingly, the report states that only around 200,000 families (a mixture of those without children and couple parents) who are no longer entitled to UC at all will be better off overall following the cuts to in-work support and boosts to income from the National Living Wage (NLW) and income tax cuts.

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