We have been nominated for a Charity Award!

We are delighted to announce that Turn2us has been shortlisted in this year’s Charity Awards in the Campaigning and Advocacy category for the development of our Digital Campaigning Tool!

This article is 23 months old


The campaigning platform has been a huge success for us a charity and is the result of hard work and collaboration between both the External Affairs and Digital teams – with input from Royal London, co-production partners and other colleagues. 

In their decision, Charity Awards judge Chris Sherwood said that in his experience, MPs get annoyed with blanket letters from charities and petition websites, but it is much harder for them to send back a generic response if the emails are more tailored and personalised. “I really liked that idea of co-production and the people who are going to be impacted by government policy being able to lobby politicians themselves using the benefits calculator.”

Judge Paul Streets agreed, adding that: “Our sector has to move away from the charismatic leader who goes and meets ministers. The future for the sector is to move forward with the voices of the people. We need to be putting the power in the hands of the people who are actually affected and supporting them to do it, and that’s what Turn2us is trying to enable. It sends an important message about the role of the sector in how it handles advocacy.”

We’ll find out if we are successful on June 16th. Find out more about the other nominees.