Welfare bill passes second hurdle


This week saw parliament vote on whether or not the government’s Welfare Bill should move a step closer to becoming law . Central to the proposals are a series of wide ranging cuts to tax credits, as well as further restrictions on welfare for lower earners.
The bill has now passed its second vote with a majority of 184 and will now go into what is called the “committee stage” – this is where a detailed line by line discussion of the bill takes place with MPs from all parties.
Simon Hopkins, Chief Executive of Turn2us commented: “The proposed Welfare Bill sets out a number of polices that we fear may hurt some of the very poorest in society. As the bill goes through the committee stage in parliament I would urge all sides of the house to consider the drastic impact of cutting the income of families and individuals struggling to get by and to continue looking for ways of softening the blow for the most vulnerable.
“As a charity fighting to combat poverty in the UK we will play our part in raising awareness of the impact that these changes may have on those that we support so that those who need help most are uppermost in decision makers’ minds”.