Campaign to stop ‘no cooker Christmas’



National poverty charity Turn2us has launched an appeal to help people who don’t have a cooker to cook their Christmas meal.

15% of those seeking its help don’t have a cooker leaving them with no choice but to eat instant snack food. Turn2us is calling for people to support its fundraising campaign to buy essential appliances for those without them this Christmas.

Turn2us gives over £3 million in charitable grants to people every year, many of which go towards purchasing appliances such as cookers and fridges. It has long known that there is a huge problem in the UK of people living without basic household appliances. It says that having them or not is often the difference of what makes the life of someone on a low income bearable or not. That is why it wants to help more people cook their Christmas meal.

Simon Hopkins, chief executive of Turn2us, said:

“Most of us will tuck into a warm Christmas meal but that simply isn’t an option for the thousands of people living without a cooker.

“Having a cooker to make a warm and nutritious meal is not a luxury. But the tragic reality is that there are far too many families who are not only locked out of Christmas celebrations next week but will continue to struggle to cook a meal when the festive season is over.

“At this time of year we want to give more people the hope and dignity that comes from being able to cook a meal. We encourage anyone who can spare a few pounds to donate to this campaign to prevent people having a ‘no cooker Christmas’.”

Turn2us is urging anyone who is struggling to purchase household appliances to seek its help at