Charity calls for more support for carers



National poverty charity Turn2us is raising concerns about the need for more support for carers. The charity says that a significant number of those in financial hardship who are seeking its help are carers. A Populus poll of 1,000 people commissioned by the charity found that only 29 per cent of people felt/ believed that current support for carers was adequate.

Figures published last month by the Department of Work and Pensions have revealed that there are now 803,670 people in the UK who are receiving Carer’s Allowance. Currently carers across the UK who provide support to people with a disability can get up to £62.70 a week Carer’s Allowance, providing they care for someone at least 35 hours per week. Carers are also eligible to receive a number of benefits, such as support with housing and income support.

People can qualify for Carer’s Allowance whether they are in or out of work, but must not earn more than £116 a week. Carer’s Allowance does not depend on National Insurance contributions and is not means-tested – in other words not based on your personal income or savings – but earnings may affect your entitlement. Carer’s Allowance usually counts in full as income when calculating your entitlement for means-tested benefits.

Calling for more support for carers, Simon Hopkins, Chief Executive of Turn2us, said: “We are contacted on a daily basis by those who are caring for someone with a disability and who are struggling to make ends meet.

“Too often carers are not aware of, and receiving, the help that they are eligible for and entitled to. Even when they are, many are finding it hard to cope with the financial strain of being a carer.”

Turn2us is urging anyone who is caring for someone with a disability to seek its help at It says that it can help carers understand and access the support that they are eligible for and entitled to.