Charity research highlights concerning levels of in-work poverty



National poverty charity Turn2us is raising concerns about the numbers of people who are working and worried about their finances. A survey of over 1,700 of those seeking the charity’s help, who are employed or living in a household with someone who is employed, has highlighted the extent to which they worry about money. Asked how often they worried about their household’s finances, 59 per cent said 'very frequently', 23 per cent said 'frequently', 13 per cent said 'occasionally', while three per cent said 'rarely' and two per cent said 'never'.

Turn2us has said that the high numbers of those who are living in a household where someone is employed, yet still frequently or very frequently worried about money, is an indicator of how financially insecure many working households are. The charity says that this insecurity is likely to increase as pressures such as inflation and slow wage growth put pressure on household budgets.

Turn2us says that it is crucial that working households are aware of the support available for them and urges those in working households to seek help if they are struggling to make ends meet and not to resort to using credit or choosing between eating or heating their homes.

Outlining the charity’s concerns, Simon Hopkins, Chief Executive of Turn2us, said:

“People often think that having a job means that you will not have to worry about paying for basic living costs. Unfortunately that is not the case as many of those seeking our help are struggling to make ends meet. 

“Another misconception is that those in work can’t receive welfare benefits or charitable grants despite there being a range of support for those who are working and struggling financially. The key thing is that they are aware of that help and seek it.”

Turn2us has also emphasised the importance of anyone struggling with accessing benefits to seek its help at It says that it can help people understand and access what they are entitled to.