Charity warning that many in employment are missing out on welfare benefits



National poverty charity Turn2us is warning that many people in employment are missing out on the welfare benefits that they are entitled to. Over 1.8 million calculations were made over the last year using the online Turn2us Benefits Calculator by people trying to work out what benefits and tax credits that they could be entitled to. A survey of those who used the calculator found that almost half (forty per cent) were employed.

The charity says that this highlights the high numbers of people experiencing in-work poverty but who are unsure of the help that they are entitled to.

With the survey of 22,000 of those who used the Turn2us Benefits calculator also finding that almost four out of five (seventy eight per cent) said that their financial situation has declined over the last year, the charity is stressing how crucial it is that people receive the welfare benefits and tax credits that they are entitled to.

The survey found that Working Tax Credit was the third most frequently identified benefit by the charity (Housing Benefit is the benefit most frequently identified and Council Tax Support is the second). Working Tax Credit is money provided to boost the income of working people who are on a low income. It does not matter whether you are working for someone else or are self-employed. Working Tax Credit counts as income when working out your entitlement to other benefits and you can’t claim Working Tax Credit if you’re claiming Universal Credit.

Calling on those in work to make sure that they are receiving the help that they may be entitled to, Simon Hopkins, Chief Executive of Turn2us, said:

“Just because you are working doesn’t mean that you aren’t eligible for support. There is a range of help that you could be eligible for, from Working Tax Credit to Housing Benefit.

“Please take the time to check what you make be entitled to as it could make a significant difference to your life."

Turn2us has also emphasised the importance of anyone struggling with accessing benefits to seek its help at It says that it can help people understand and access what they are entitled to.