Comment from Turn2us on publication of workless household figures



National poverty charity Turn2us has commented on today’s publication of ‘Workless households by region UK – 2016’ by the Office for National Statistics, which found that the areas with the highest percentage of workless households were generally located outside the south of England.

Simon Hopkins, Chief Executive of Turn2us, said:

“Worklessness does not just mean a lack of income, it means that people aren’t building up pension contributions and won’t be able to avail of important support like paid maternity leave.

“Many workless households do not just experience poverty when nobody in them is working as it can also lead to poverty in old age and when they become a parent.

“It is crucial households are not only given financial support when there is nobody in them working but are given a broader range of support to help them plan for the future.”

Turn2us has also emphasised the importance of anyone struggling with accessing benefits to seek its help at It says that it can help people understand and access what they are entitled to.