One in 20 households are living without a cooker this Christmas



New analysis from anti-poverty charity Turn2us has revealed as many as 6% of UK households, living on or below the average national household income of £35,000, are living without a cooker.

The charity warns that living without such a basic household good has a profoundly negative impact on the physical, emotional and financial wellbeing of people across the UK.

The analysis also sheds light on a more extreme proportion of certain demographics living without a cooker on or below the average national household income. This includes:

  • Almost one in 10 private renters
  • Six percent of people with disabilities
  • Eight percent of single people
  • Around one in 12 self-employed
  • Six percent of working aged people
  • Nearly one in 12 people earning below £15,000

Turn2us supports thousands of people each year and helps them understand what support they may be eligible for through the charitable Grants Search tool and Benefits Calculator. Many of the people who come to the charity are struggling to get by without essential household goods like cookers.

“I feel I’m not doing my job as a mother, as I’m unable to provide a daily nutritious meal for my two children, resulting in sending them to my parent’s house to eat their evening meal, or cooking as best I can, with just a microwave, which is also faulty”Turn2us client

The simple issue of not being able to afford to buy a cooker and other essential appliances also leaves many families at risk of being exploited by high cost credit firms, or worse, going hungry or risking using faulty appliances.

Turn2us are calling on anyone struggling financially and living without a cooker to get in touch with the charity and explore the possibilities of other forms of support available before resorting to credit.

Dawn Jackson, Head of Grants at Turn2us, said:

“Basic household appliances are not a luxury - the reality of living without a cooker at any time of year is grim; it takes away dignity, leaves families further out of pocket and the impact on children or other dependants cannot be overstated.

“Turn2us speaks to thousands of people each year who cannot afford to buy new or replace faulty cookers and as a result we have launched the Living Without campaign.

“Together we can help end this vicious poverty cycle and give families the ability to make home cooked meals rather than relying on expensive and unhealthy alternatives.”

Turn2us plan to research this issue more in 2019 and will be releasing a full report into how living without essential household appliances impacts families around the UK.