Poverty charity launches emergency coronavirus grant fund



People in financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic will receive immediate help in the form of a cash grant, thanks to an emergency coronavirus fund from national poverty charity, Turn2us. 

A one-off payment of £500 will not need to be paid back and is an expansion of the support the charity already provides via its grant making and support services. This crisis grant is intended to be a financial life line for people who meet the fund’s simple eligibility criteria; and will be put into people’s bank accounts as soon as possible.

One million people have come to Turn2us for help in the last three weeks alone – a 520% increase. The charity, which provides practical help and information to people during life changing events, has ring fenced income from its recent fundraising appeal to support people affected by the pandemic and will pay out the grant via its Turn2us Coronavirus Grant Fund.

Thomas Lawson, Chief Executive of Turn2us, said: ​

“Despite government measures to support people during the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people simply don’t qualify for help and will fall quickly into the hell and stress of financial crisis. On top of this, those who are eligible for help may have to wait months for the financial support to come through, and at the very least wait a minimum five weeks for Universal Credit.

“The Turn2us Coronavirus Grant Fund is designed to get help to people when they need it – now. We want to stop people from maxing out credit cards, getting into debt with banks and using high street lenders. We urge anyone who fits the criteria to apply for the £500 grant as soon as possible.

“Based on our own data and insight, we’re expecting the need for this support to grow and grow throughout the course of the lockdown and beyond.  We urge anyone who is a financial position to do so, to donate now. You have the ability to make the most incredible difference. Your contribution will ensure that our grant fund can keep going and prevent as many of your neighbours as possible from falling into financial ruin.”

Robert's story

Robert travels around the South Devon area providing musical entertainment for a range of clients, including care homes, weddings, parties and other events. His business and modest income from his wife help them provide for their three young children.

In early March he received his first gig cancellation at a small residential home - as the manager was concerned about the virus spreading amongst residents. Shortly after that, all other bookings for the foreseeable future were cancelled, so he reviewed his finances to work out how his family could cope.

Their landlord, as well as considering some relief on rent payments during this period, also referred Robert to Turn2us. The charity reviewed his grant application and due to this sudden loss of critical income, awarded him a grant of £500 to help him pay their bills and put food on the table for the family.


The Turn2us Coronavirus Grant Fund is being funded by the generosity of donors. The charity is urging people who can to make a donation today and stand together with the people most in need of help during this time. 

Turn2us has launched an appeal to provide the funds for the coronavirus grant programme. Unless those of us who can help do so today, many thousands more families will find themselves penniless or in crippling debt that will far outlast the virus. We can’t let that happen.