Turn2us responds to proposed reforms to Personal Independence Payment


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The government recently published its intended reforms to Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Responding to the proposals, Michael Clarke, Head of Information Programmes at Turn2us, says:

"Turn2us is deeply concerned that the reforms outlined will harm disabled people’s financial security and dignity.

"Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is an essential non-means tested benefit, designed to support disabled people with the extra cost of disability. The people we support rely on PIP to help them live dignified lives, whether that is keeping the heating on for longer due to their condition or paying for the extra care they need.

"The proposals to move towards a voucher system or supply disabled people with the ‘aids they need’ does not take into account the full experience of disability. Evidence shows that direct cash payments are essential to reducing poverty and allow people to make decisions about what they need.

"We agree with Disability Rights UK that these reforms fail to address the core issues with the Personal Independence Payment, such as complex application forms, frequent reassessments and poor decision making. The government has shown that these proposals were not designed by listening to the experiences of disabled people."