Response to Public Accounts Committee report on Universal Credit transition


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A new report from the Public Accounts Committee states that any benefits transition failings from the DWP ‘will lead to real-world misery for thousands’. 

Responding to the report, Michael Clarke, head of information programmes at Turn2us, says: 

“We echo concerns from the Public Accounts Committee regarding the acceleration of managed migration to Universal Credit. So far, the process has seen thousands of people drop off benefits altogether. 

“Many of those still claiming legacy benefits have complex needs and circumstances and may lack digital access and capability around managing their benefits. It is vital that the process of contacting and supporting these people is not rushed, ensuring they are given adequate time, accessible information and personalised support to move over to Universal Credit. Disruption to benefits payments alongside the five-week wait for Universal Credit could cause serious harm to their finances and lives.” 

Information from Turn2us for people receiving legacy benefits 

“We will encourage everyone to do a benefits calculation to check if you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to now. The Turn2us Benefits Calculator will also tell you if you are better or worse off on Universal Credit.   

"If you are worse off, you should wait until you receive your migration notice from the DWP before moving to Universal Credit. If you do this, you will get an extra amount called transitional protection to ensure you get the same amount of money in benefits when you move.   

"If you find you are better off on Universal Credit, you may want to get independent advice to check if moving to Universal Credit early is your best option.” 

Use the free Turn2us Benefits Calculator

Read the Public Accounts Committee report: Progress on implementing Universal Credit