Teachers, nurses and social workers most likely to apply for support



National poverty charity Turn2us has revealed that nurses, teachers and social workers are the most likely to apply for financial support from the charity. The Turn2us Elizabeth Finn Fund, the largest fund directly managed by the charity that supports people who have worked in over 120 professions, also noted that a significant proportion of those seeking help were currently in work. Of the 1,082 people who received a grant from the charity in the last year, fifteen per cent were currently in employment. 

The charity has been awarding grants to people struggling financially since it was founded in 1897 and last year awarded almost £3 million to those needing support. Grants are given to those in financial hardship for a wide range of reasons, such as to cover funeral costs, to purchase white goods, and to pay for home repairs.

Simon Hopkins, Chief Executive of Turn2us, said: “We are seeing a rise in people seeking our help who are very vulnerable financially. Many don’t have any savings that can act as a buffer if they have a change in their circumstances, such as becoming ill, their marriage breaking down or having to pay for a funeral.

“Many too just need help with basic living costs such as paying their energy bills. It’s concerning that so many people who spend their lives working in professions where they give so much to society are now in need of support, as well as the fact that fifteen per cent are currently in work.”

Turn2us has also emphasised the importance of anyone struggling with accessing benefits to seek its help at It says that it can help people understand and access what they are entitled to.